Friday, 18 January 2013

Celebrating Success - December

Performance & Music
·         Level 2 & 3 performance students acted as front of house and backstage technical support for the little stars Nursery Navity performance – Valuable work experience for students
·       Reception Opening – Flash mob performance with the combat breakers as part of the celebrations was a huge success and great experience for students.
·         Level 1 & 2 students performed to staff and students at a special Christmas performance.  Level 1 students performed individual pieces whereas the level 2 students performed as a group.
·         6 students from the department were commissioned by the Herbert Art Gallery to perform as actors in a promotional video for a ‘Talent Match scheme’ headed up by the Gallery.  This was real work and students gained valuable employability skills. Students were: Hamish McCauley, Bethany Kavanagh, Alex Sutton, Peter Shipway, Scott Griffiths and Adam Bird.
·         Scott Griffiths and Amanda Foskett have successfully negotiated interviews to gain work placements at Bagington fields School working as Classroom assistants.

Visual Arts
·         A new Media Lecturer (Pam Robinson) has been employed and will start work in the New Year.
·         Students benefitted from an excellent trip to BBC Coventry and Warwickshire radio and gained a valuable insight into a variety of employment opportunities.
·         Students from the department have produced a variety of images that will be judged by the SLT for the 2013 E & D calendar.  Once the 12 images are selected the calendar will be produced by Level 2& 3 Graphics students.
·         Entry level 3 students visited the Belgrade theatre to observe the Christmas Pantomime Sleeping Beauty.  The students will be performing their own version of the pantomime in February.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Trip to the Tate Britain and Tate Modern

Tate Britain, where we saw the Turner Prize Nominees
On the 12th November, a group of art and design and graphics students headed down to London for a trip to the magnificent Tate art galleries (Tate Britain and Tate Modern). It was an exciting and insightful day for all the students, here’s what they got up to….

It was a long coach ride down to London and after passing many of the famous landmarks of London including the London Eye, the students arrived at the Tate Britain to look at the world famous Turner Prize exhibition and to get an insight into, who the nominees were for this year’s prize, and to look at some art as well! The Turner Prize was an interesting part of the trip. There were four artists to look at, and they were all very different. There were some unusual aspects and some odd aspects, but overall it was an experience for everyone.

So after walking around the exhibition, the group rushed to the next part of the trip. A boat ride down the Thames! Famous for a certain soap opera…. As we rode down the Thames, we passed many famous landmarks including the London Eye, Big Ben and the House of Commons. When the rocky boat ride ended, we stepped out into the pouring rain where we passed another landmark-the Globe Theatre on our way to the Tate Modern.

The Tate Modern, taken from the boat! It was a very wet day!
At the Tate Modern, we went to see an exhibition called “Poetry and Dreams”. We saw an excellent range of diverse, beautiful art and were greeted with an explosion of lots of colour and picturesque greatness. In the exhibition was a mixture of paintings, sculptures and other things, and it definitely had a poetic feel to it!

We had an hour at the Tate Modern before we had to leave, and begin the long journey came to Coventry. After a day of viewing art, gazing at landmarks and viewing famous landmarks we were all a bit tired, but overall it was a great day.

Some of the comments from people who went on the trip:

“I found it very insightful and thought the boat ride was the best part of the trip. I would definitely go again!”

“The Tate Modern was amazing, I would definitely go again!”

“The best part was the Tate Modern!”

By Frankie Brookes
Creative and Media Blog Reporter

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